College of Agriculture and Bioresources
Gardening Workshops

Gardening Workshops

Are you passionate about gardening? So are we! There is an overwhelming amount of gardening advice on the internet, some of it is great but most is not. How do you decide what advice is good, especially when there are many ways to be a successful gardener? What works in Vancouver may not be the best choice for Saskatchewan. Let us help!

Gardening at the U of S offers:

  • At least 30 workshops annually with classes for every level of gardening ability.
  • Community connections. Our students are enthusiastic and happy to share their knowledge.
  • Instructors that are highly trained professionals, passionate about teaching people how to garden.
  • Courses and workshops for personal interest, or to work toward certification
  • Courses during weekends and evenings, online and face-to-face spring or at Hort Week

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