Land Management

Professional Development in Land Management

Upgrade your knowledge base or further your education with these online classes. The College of Agriculture & Bioresources offers five new 6-week online classes. Set your own schedule and study from the comfort of your home or business.

These classes qualify for professional development credits for SIA, CCSC, CCA etc. To learn more contact your professional association.

Classes are $150.00 plus GST. Click the couse title below for the description and link to register.

If you are looking to take these classes for university degree credit, please contact Jill Turner.

  • Learn how soil sampling can provide reliable evidence to address various problems.
  • Design and implement sampling programs.
  • Gain experience in performing basic calculations.
  • Develop methods to express variability associated with different soil properties.

 Term Dates: Feb. 20 – April 3

This class is an introduction to digital mapping and spatial analysis.

  • Learn to create maps and input data.
  • Become familiar with basic GIS operations.
  • Gain hands-on experience using ESRI ArcGIS 10.x software.

Term Dates: Oct. 23 – Dec. 4

  • Learn different properties form in the field.
  • Determine how these properties can be used to assign horizon labels.
  • Become familiar with the Canadian System of Soil Classification.

Term Dates: Sept. 6 -  Oct. 18

Land stewardship is an inherent right and responsibility of the Indigenous people, who believe the land is a gift from the Creator to care for and sustain all living beings on earth.

  • Examine concepts of traditional Indigenous land stewardship as the foundational principles of land management and tenure.
  • Understand Federal Government programs on land management.
  • Review the Land Management Frameworks applicable on Indigenous Nation reserve lands

Term Dates:  Feb. 20 - April 3

The Crown has a constitutional duty to consult and accommodate Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

  • Review the history of the duty to consult using examples arisen in context to Aboriginal peoples’ interests in land use management
  • Examine current policies and practice
  • Learn the roles for federal, provincial & territorial agencies, Aboriginal groups, and third parties.

Term Dates: Jan. 3 – Feb. 14