Effective collaborative research to address sustainability challenges requires diverse technical, strategic, and interpersonal skills

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  • January 30 - February 24, 2023

Who should take this course

You should take this course if you want access to practical tools and to develop skills that enable you to collaborate with diverse knowledge holders in a mutually beneficial and respectful way. Whether you are a member of a non-profit, a university researcher, from a private industry, a government organization, or an Indigenous organization, this course is for you.  

What you will learn

During this 50-hour four-week course, you will have the opportunity to practice and demonstrate collaborative research skills, get immediate and in-depth feedback from experts, and receive a validated University of Saskatchewan credential.

You will develop the skills to co-create effective collaborative research:

  • Apply partnership mapping and knowledge co-creation strategies to bridge different knowledge systems together through collaborative research.
  • Create a comprehensive skillset and toolbox for collaborative research.
  • Determine how to equitably share the responsibilities, outcomes, and benefits of collaborative research.

This short, high-impact and skills-focused professional development opportunity, is offered by the University of Saskatchewan School of Environment and Sustainability in partnership with our expert colleagues at The Resilience Institute.

For more information, please email sens.info@usask.ca.

Registration and fees

The cost of this four-week course is $1,200 CDN, plus taxes.    

A limited number of discounts are available for this micro-credential. Discounts will be awarded based on demonstrated financial need and affiliation with a “TRANSECTS” institution or organization. For more information about receiving a discount, please contact transects@usask.ca.

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