English Language Evening Classes (ESL)

We specialize in English courses for advanced levels and academic skills.  The part-time program is nationally accredited and our instructors are TESL certified.  Our courses are open to everyone!


Register now for January 2019!.  Contact us.

Intermediate Spoken English will run January 17 - March 12.  Take this class and practice your fluency, increase your comprehension, learn idioms, and have fun.

Study tip:   take the pronunciation and speaking classes together in the same term! The pronunciation class focuses on your individual speech delivery and comprehensibility, while you will get lots of discussion practice and learn new idioms in the speaking class.  

Class registration includes:

  • access to our computer lab and library with language-learning programs and resources
  • a certificate of completion
  • free, additional workshops on special interest topics
  • opportunities to join special activities and trips

University of Saskatchewan international graduate students can apply for funding for evening ESL classes through the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.


Contact the main office for assessment and registration information.

Call 306-966-4351  or email international.esl@usask.ca

  • Improve your English grammar, vocabulary and mechanics through writing sessions and instructor feedback.
  • Learn how to write effective paragraphs, essays, and other formats
  • Advanced level is offered four times per year in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.
  • Intermediate level is offered in fall and spring terms. 
  • Winter schedule: January 16 - March 13

  • Develop fluency and confidence while practising your speaking and listening skills. 
  • Increase your vocabulary, functional language, and idiomatic expressions through various tasks and activities. 
  • Advanced level is offered four times per year in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.
  • Intermediate level is offered in Winter and Summer terms.
  • Fall schedule: Winter schedule: January 17 - March 12


  • Improve your accent for employment or public speaking.
  • Guided use of computer-based English pronunciation programs are included in class time. 
  • Offered three times per year in Fall, Winter, and Spring on Mondays from 6:30 to 9:00 pm.
  • Winter schedule: January 14 - March 18


  • Develop and practise skills for writing literature reviews, research proposals and research papers.
  • Enhance your academic writing style, formal vocabulary and mechanics while revising your own portfolio assignment. 
  • Offered three times per year in Fall, Winter and Spring on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30 to 9:00 pm.
  • For current grad students only
  • Winter schedule: January 16 - March 13



The Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees

2018 CanTest Dates: February 3, May 12, August 4, and November 3

Are you planning to apply to University or another post-secondary institution?

  • CanTEST provides proof of your English proficiency for admission to the University of Saskatchewan.
  • It evaluates your Listening, Reading and Writing skills.

The test consists of

  • Listening: 40 to 45 multiple choice or short answer questions approximately one hour
  • Reading:
    • Skimming and Scanning: 15 items, 10 minutes
    • Reading Comprehension: passages (up to 650 words) with 20 to 30 questions (multiple-choice and short answer).
    • Cloze: 25 multiple choice items
  • Total time for parts 2 and 3 is approximately one hour.
  • Writing: 45 minutes to write on an assigned topic

How is CanTEST different from other tests?

  • Questions are based on a passage (dialogues, interviews, short lectures, articles, letters) and never on a single sentence. Each passage has 4 to 10 questions.
  • There are different kinds of questions: multiple choice, short answer, and labelling on a diagram.
  • CanTEST passages are longer. Reading passages are usually a full page. Listening passages are up to five minutes.
  • The dialogues are heard only once, but longer passages are heard twice.
  • There is a separate reading test for skimming and scanning.
  • The CanTEST is a paper-based test. Computers are not used.
  • Textual passages on the CanTEST come from real documents: newspapers, magazines, information brochures, textbooks, radio broadcasts, taped interviews, etc.
  • A practice test package including a sample listening test CD can be purchased from the University of Saskatchewan Language Centre. When you register, you will receive a free information booklet with some sample questions. You can also view the booklet here (requires Flash).
  • Testing is conducted by the University of Saskatchewan Language Centre

CanTEST scores

  • Results will be reported as a Band Score. There are 5 band levels. Half bands are also reported. You will be given a band score for each skill.
  • Please check with your institution to see what scores are required.
  • The written tests are held on Saturdays at 1:00 p.m. (12:45 p.m. sign-in). Locations will be announced the week before and signs will be posted at the Language Centre on the day of the test.
  • Please allow 4 hours to complete the test.

Additional Information

  • Registration: All candidates must register for the written test (includes listening comprehension, reading and writing). The deadline is 1 week before the test date. Register early as space is limited and usually fills up well up before the registration deadline.
  • Practice test materials are available for purchase from the Language Centre.
  • The Speaking Test has limited spaces available. Spaces will be offered to those who are successful on the written test. Speaking tests will be conducted one to two weeks following the written test.
  • Test Fees: $120 Listening Comprehension, Reading & Writing; $80 Speaking Test; a refund of 50% can be given if you notify the Centre at least one week before the test date.
  • Candidates are required to wait three months before taking the CanTEST Listening Comprehension and Reading Comprehension components again. The waiting period for the Writing and Speaking components is six full weeks. This policy applies to all CanTEST Test Centres.
  • Test Day: Candidates must bring their official receipt and their passport or photo identification to the test location at the scheduled time. Those without proper photo ID may be denied entry to the test. Also, bring your own pen, pencil and eraser.
  • Test Results will be available 10 days after your test date. Unofficial results will be e-mailed to the address that you provided. Official results will be sent to the institution of your choice on the same day if you indicated this on your registration form. A $10 fee is charged if you request to have the official results sent to an institution other than the University of Saskatchewan. The fee will also be charged if you request results to be sent to the U of S more than 2 months after your test date.
  • Scores are generally considered valid for 2 years.

For more information:

tel: 306-966-4351
fax: 306-966-4356