Seeking alternatives to herbicides to control your weeds or looking to improve the managment of your organic operation?  This award-winning  13-week online course is vital to your success.

As organic farming expands, producers need to respond to the lucrative world market for healthy organic food. This class will assist producers in developing customized systems based on the biological and ecological relationships of their farms. Interaction with other producers and students enhances and broadens the learning experience.

Course includes:

  • principals and practices of weed management in organic field crop production
  • aspects of basic weed biology and ecology that make weeds vulnerable to various management techniques
  • practical cultural, mechanical and biological techniques within an integrated weed management system
  • online group discussions
  • opportunity to develop an organic weed management system for your operation
Course content:
  • Introduction to Weeds and Identification
  • Weed Ecology
  • Cultural Weed Control
  • Mechanical Weed Control
  • Biological Weed Control
  • Integrated Organic Weed Control


Next offering is Fall 2023

Course fee: $499.00 plus taxes



Christian Willenborg
Associate Professor and Head, Department of Plant Sciences