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Ecology Camps for Kids

Ecology Day Camps for Kids

Offered during February, Easter and summer school breaks (July and August) for kids from 8 to 11 (plus one Junior Leader from age 12 to 17).

  • Ecology Camps are a fun, hands-on experiential learning opportunity for kids
  • At these week-long, full-day camps your child will participate in an enriched program of daily field trips and nature study in and around Saskatoon
  • Your child will visit scientists and learn about rocks, fossils, plants, insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals with a focus on Saskatchewan’s Endangered Species, and then undertake environmentally friendly projects to help them
  • Camp size is limited to 12 campers, 1 Junior Leader (aged 12 to 17) and two instructors
  • Travel to off-campus sites is via 15-passenger van

We are sorry, but there are no ecology summer camps scheduled for Summer 2018 at this time.

  • Engage children in environmental issues, especially relating to endangered species and habitats
  • Encourage research and solution-finding strategies that children can apply to their daily lives at home and school
  • Encourage and provide hands-on outdoor leadership experience to youth (ages 12–17 who are previous campers)
  • Introduce children to University museums, labs, field study areas, and Saskatoon’s natural areas
  • Provide opportunities for researchers and University students to act as guides and role models for children

While activities vary by camp theme, your child will

  • go on daily field trips to natural areas around Saskatoon, including the Saskatoon Natural Grasslands, Pike Lake, Chappell Marsh Ducks Unlimited Project and Meewasin Valley Authority trail
  • meet scientists who talk about fossils, insects, bird banding, polar bears and other wild animals
  • learn about Saskatchewan’s endangered species and habitats, and work on projects to help protect them
  • visit the SaskatoonZoo to study wild endangered animals
  • visit Wanuskewin to learn about Indigenous peoples past and present at a real archeological site
  • use real microscopes to study algae, crystals, fossils, insects, fur, bones and other biofacts
  • make falcon silhouettes to help migrating birds, and collect real scientific data on our bluebird/tree swallow trail, a 49 year project
  • plant grass, flower and tree plugs to restore natural areas in cooperation with Meewasin Valley Authority
  • work on bird identification skills
  • refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle by learning about waste free lunches, composting, worm composting and making recycled paper, our camp is waste free
  • get plenty of fresh air, fun and healthy hiking daily

Melanie Elliott

Melanie Elliott is an award- winning educator who lives to share her outdoor knowledge with children and adults. She manages the ecological program area for the College of Education ED Foundations and is actively involved in wildlife and environmental community-based organizations.

Ecology Camp Instructors: Upper year students in Education, Biology, Geography, Agriculture students are hired as camp instructors. 

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