On-campus field trips and tours

Guided Field Trips with numerous Science themes are available through the College of Arts and Science. Some include:

  • Geology digs and Museum of Natural Sciences tours
  • Exploring genetics and evolution, geometic optics, radioactivity, chemistry, computer science and parabolas and projectiles

Located in the Rayner Dairy Research and Teaching Facility, the Feeding the World interpretive gallery educates the public about agriculture using a dairy barn as a model.

The interpretive gallery uses dairy production as a way for visitors to explore the agricultural story of Saskatchewan and its role in global food production. Featuring an overhead walkway, the barn provides a bird’s-eye view of the herd, a milking parlour and computer-based milk robot.

Self-guided tours are encouraged. Guided tours are also available.

The Arboretum is used by many groups and individuals as an outdoor classroom in studies of horticulture and natural science. Plants are labeled with information including common and scientific names, plant family, region of nativity, and date of planting. The facility is a destination for school field trips, horticulture classes, university students, Master Gardeners, arborists, and gardeners.

The Difenbaker Canada Centre has established itself as a provider of high-quality, curriculum-based educational programing that is delivered to thousands of students every year. These programs, passionately taught by USask undergraduate students, engage youth in important conversations about civics, history, and human rights. Within a safe and welcoming environment, students engage with these fundamental concepts through case studies of historical and current events. Students are encouraged to think creatively and draw attention to how their learning may be applied in everyday life. Interactive and dynamic, these activities aim to inspire and encourage students to take ownership of their rights and to enjoy the benefits of citizenship. Feedback from teachers who have participated in DCC programming indicates they highly value our offerings for their success in promoting understanding of Canadian institutions and emphasizing the importance of civic engagement, while meeting curriculum goals and objectives.

Established through the combined efforts of the Departments of Biology and Geological Sciences, the Museum of Natural Sciences outlines evolution throughout the geological timeline with displays of living plants, animals, fossils, rocks and minerals. A working seismograph is on display in an adjacent hallway.

A primary role of the museum is to illustrate some of the breadth and diversity of the geological and biological sciences; it also serves as a teaching resource for university and school students, and the several thousand visitors that pass through annually.

The Museum of Antiquities fosters a love of the humanities, the arts, and archaeology by interpreting the ancient, classical and medieval worlds. Resources augment school curricula and our educational programs can be tailored to suit University classes, elementary and high school classes, art appreciation groups, and others with an interest in art and archaeology.

Discover the night skies through our 3 meter long refracting telescope! Planets, nebulae, star clusters, galaxies and even comets can be seen at the right times of year. On cloudy nights, we offer an educational slide show to reaveal our solar system, galaxy, and beyond. The Observatory also features a small museum with a tour of our solar system. Exhibits also highlight the history and fundamentals of Astronomy, and there is even a display on black holes.

Tours for school and community groups can be arranged free of charge for Friday evenings (October to March).

The Canadian Light Source is a critical tool for Canadian research and development in sectors such as mining and energy, health and life sciences, and advanced manufacturing. Arrange for a tour and ask about our school-based programs. Our educational programming focuses on providing students with opportunities to do real science, through the involvement of teachers and professors.

Are you a high school student who is thinking of applying to the University of Saskatchewan? Explore our campus with options to visit on your own or by signing up for our Prospective Student Tours or Community and Group Tours.

Educational events on campus

Thousands of youth from Kindergarten to Grade 12 attend our annual Graduation Powwow. The powwow takes place in the Bowl on the USask campus in Saskatoon every Spring. Attendees have the opportunity to celebrate and honour Aboriginal graduates from Saskatchewan, listen to traditional First Nations drumming and singing, watch a variety of traditional First Nations dance styles and dress, and participate in educational children's workshops held in tipis and a Métis Red River cart.

At Vetavison, your students will participate in hands-on and interactive learning activities in which they will learn more about animal health, the diverse aspects of the veterinary profession, and the important roles that veterinary professionals play in animal health, public health, food safety and ecosystem health.

Vetavision is held every two years and the next event will be held in 2021.

At Spectrum, elementary and high school students have the opportunity to explore science and engineering in a university environment. This event is organized by students from the College of Engineering and has grown to become known as “North America’s largest student-run exhibition of Science and Technology”. It features workshops, speakers, and of course interactive student and industry exhibits that encourage students to have fun while they learn about science and engineering in a whole new way.

Spectrum is held every three years and the next event will be held in 2023.

Open House takes place in September and is an opportunity for high school students to explore the University of Saskatchewan campus, meet our staff and faculty, and speak with current students. Pre-registration for Open House sessions is required and you can choose from a variety of experiences designed to introduce you to the best that uSask has to offer.